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Porto airport to Porto city; onward travel by metro, taxi or bus from the airport

Porto airport is a small but modern international airport, which comprises of a single terminal building. The airport is situated 10km to the north of Porto city centre, close to the town of Moreira.

Porto airport is connected to the metro network, and for most visitors, this is the easiest way to travel to Porto city centre. For faster transfers into the city, there are licensed taxis, and Uber operates in the Porto region. Pre-booked private transfers from Porto airport provide the easiest onward transfer, and are surprisingly inexpensive.



Porto is not a difficult or expensive airport to travel onwards from, and is relatively hassle-free, when compared to many other international airports. This article will detail how to travel from Porto airport (the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport) to the city centre, by taxi, bus and metro.
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Airport to Porto city by metro

There are seasonal and daily variations for the time of last metro departure, so if travelling late always check with the Metro do Porto website: https://www.metrodoporto.pt/

The Andante ticket must be validated before starting your journey by tapping the validation machine (these are very obvious), and need to be re-validated when changing to another line. Once initially validated the zone 4 ticket lasts for 75minutes and is sufficient to travel to your final stop.

Common metro journeys from the airport

Most visitors new to Porto travel to just four metro stations; São Bento (for Central Porto), Jardim do Morro (for Vila Nova de Gaia waterfront), Trindade (for north of the main tourist area) or Campanhã (for the main train station of Porto). Typical journeys from the airport are:
Airport to São Bento
- 40 minutes (27min + 3min + connection time), Z4 ticket at €2.00 and a connection to line D required at Trindade
Airport to Jardim do Morro
- 42 minutes (27min + 5min + connection time), Z4 ticket at €2.00 and a connection to line D required at Trindade
Airport to Trindade
- 27 minutes Z4 ticket at €2.00, direct service
Airport to Campanha – 36 min Z4 ticket at €2.00, direct service (sometimes a change to line A is required at Trindade)
Warning: there are two very similar sound metro stations; Campanhã and Campainha. Campanhã (sometimes written as Campanha) is the train station – Campainha is just a residential area.

Porto airport to Porto by Bus

There are direct bus services from the airport to Porto, which are operated by Get Bus. The only issue with the bus is that it terminates at the Campo 24 de Agosto bus station (GPS 41.150373, -8.598838), which is in the Bonfim district and a little way out from the historic centre (1.4km walk from the Praça da Liberdade).
The bus takes 25 minutes, there are eight daily departures and a single ticket costs €2.80. Further information can be seen on the Get Bus website:
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Porto airport to Porto by Bus

There is no need for tourists to consider the public bus from the airport to the city, as the metro or Get Bus are faster and more convenient.
There are two regular public bus services (routes 601 and 602) from the airport to Cordoaria (Torre dos Clérigos) in central Porto. A single bus fare costs €2.00 (as it is a zone 4 ticket), but the bus takes longer than the metro, and has little room for luggage. More information about Porto’s bus routes can be seen on the STCP website: https://www.stcp.pt

Porto airport to Porto city by taxi

A taxi transfer is always the fastest option to travel to central Porto, but will be significantly more than the metro or bus. The transfer will take 20-30 minutes depending on traffic and will cost between €20-25.

When you enter a taxi, always ensure the taximeter is switched on, and this must be used by the law. The taxi fares are displayed within the taxi, and the current 2019 fares are: €0.47 per km with a minimum fare of €3.25, the waiting charge is €14.80 per hour (or €0.25 per minute stuck in traffic!). There are additional fees for luggage €1.60 and all rates are 20% more expensive at night (21:00-6:00) and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Sadly, some taxi drivers will try to exploit tourists, giving a bad reputation to the honest majority, and encourages customers to use ride-hailing apps.
If you have problems or are grossly overcharged, note the taxi number and demand the (legal) complaints book (Livro de Eclamacoes). Asking to see this red book will often resolve most issues. If you do wish to file a complaint, it can be completed online at: https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio

Porto airport to Porto city by Uber

Uber is active in Porto, and with all other destinations, their drivers are efficient, smart and reliable. If you regularly use Uber in your home country, then you will probably use it in preference to normal taxis while in Porto.
It should be noted that actually there is not much of a price difference between taxis and Uber in Porto (Uber X price per Km €0.65 - Taxi price per Km €0.47 + surcharges + 20% at the weekend).
Note: Porto airport has free Wi-Fi if you need to hail a ride. The free network is "VINCI Airports Wi-Fi", and further information can be found on the Porto airport website:

Private transfer

Private transfers are comparatively inexpensive from Porto airport to the city. The advantage of a pre-booked transfer is that the driver will be waiting for you, assist with luggage and navigate through the arrival’s hall. This will always be the most convenient option for weary travellers after a long journey of if travelling with children. Private transfer starts from €22, only slightly more than Uber and less than a taxi.
We have worked with Getyourguide.com for the previous 6 years, and some of their best private transfers include:

Rental car

A rental car may seem appealing for a holiday to Porto, but unless you are planning to explore the Douro Valley region, it is rarely of any use. Driving in central Porto is challenging, with limited car parking and congested roads, while most of the popular day trips, such as Braga and Guimarães can be easily reached by public transport.
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The night bus and travelling to Porto airport early in the morning

Porto airport is connected to the city by the 3M night bus route. This hourly service departs the airport 30 minutes past the hour; from 00:30 to 5:30. The 3M bus terminates in the Avenida dos Aliados (central Porto) where it returns to the airport on the hour (00:00 until 5:00).

The bus fare is €2.00 and further details can be seen on the Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto (STCP) website:
Timetable: https://www.stcp.pt/pt/viajar/linhas/?t=horarios&linha=3M&sentido=1&th=1&td=3
Night bus routes: https://www.stcp.pt/pt/viajar/rede-da-madrugada/mapa-da-rede/

Note: If you have an early flight leaving Porto and need to be at the airport before 6am, the 3M bus is the only (and therefore the best) public transport option. This bus will be much cheaper than a night taxi, Uber or private transfer.


In Trindade metro station are automatic lockers, which can be useful for storing (non-valuable) luggage. Up to 12 hours of storage costs €3.5/€4.5/€6.5 (small/medium/large bag), and further information can be found on the city lockers website:
Porto airport also has a left luggage service at €2.50 per piece per 4 hours.

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