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Aguda Beach - Praia da Aguda, Porto

The Praia da Aguda is a glorious sandy beach halfway between Porto and Espinho. This entire coastline is one continuous stretch of golden sand, but the Praia da Aguda is unique as it has a seawall protecting a minor harbour. This sheltered harbour is home to a small fishing fleet who moor their boats on the beach.

Behind the vast beach, the town of Aguda has remained untouched by modern tourism, with a beachfront of fishermen’s houses, cafes and elegant holiday homes. Aguda has distinctly Portuguese character and a likeable, low-key atmosphere, far removed from the bustle of Porto and larger resort towns. Aguda has the added benefit that it is easily accessible by public transport, being on the main Porto-Aveiro railway, with frequent and inexpensive train service from Porto. We adore Aguda and highly recommend it for your day on the beach.
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The sea, swimming and cold water

The sea temperature of the Costa Verde is surprisingly cold, only reaching 18C in the middle of the summer. The beaches are exposed to the powerful waves and currents of the Atlantic Ocean, so only swim in areas it is safe too. Around the Praia da Aguda there are numerous rock outcrops along the water's edge, but the entire region has many hidden rocks. If you are surfing always be aware of these hidden rocks.

Hiking and Cycling around Aguda

The beach is the main attraction of Aguda, but there is a good cycle path and raised walkway heading both north and south from the town. South from Aguda leads to the beaches of Granja and then the protected sand dunes of the Dunas Litorais de Gaia. Going north leads to the traditional beach resort of Miramar and the Capela do Senhor da Pedra beach. The cycle path extends all of the way from Porto to the bustling resort of Espinho.

Travel to Praia da Aguda

There is very limited carparking in Aguda, and it is much more sensible to catch the train. Aguda is connected to Porto by the Porto-Aveiro railway, which departs from the Sao Bento railway station in central Porto. This train service is part of the Porto Urban railway and requires a zone 3 fare (€ 1.75 single). The train journey takes 30 minutes and the latest timetable can be seen on the CP (Comboios de Portugal) website:

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Aguda train station (GPS: 41.05061, -8.65115) is less than 300m walk from the beach. Aguda is a very small train station and is without a manned ticket office, only ticket machines. Remember to validate your train ticket on the return journey.

Other beaches close by

The southern Costa da Vedre coastline contains many outstanding beaches. The largest resort town of the region south of Porto is Espinho, this town has extensive tourists facilities (hotels/restaurants/shops) but lacks Portuguese charm. Other good beaches close to Aguda that are served by the Aveiro-Porto railway include Granja and Miramar. For a complete guide to the beaches of Porto, please read this guide.

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